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Just fill out and submit this simple form, and your account is ready to use. You can then use this account to connect to ProteoSAFe in two different ways:

First, you can log into the ProteoSAFe web site by entering your username and password into the login box (as seen above). Once you are logged into the web site, you can upload small data files, run workflows, and browse and download their results, and everything you do will be saved to your account.

Secondly, you can log into the ProteoSAFe FTP server (_ccms-ftp01.ucsd.edu_) using the same username and password, giving you FTP access to your account's personal data space. This is the preferred method to upload and organize your data files, particularly if the files are large - the web interface provides a means of uploading as well, but its performance is inconsistent with larger files, and it doesn't provide the same kind of file and folder control offered by FTP.