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h3. Adding from Network

Users can also add challenge spectra from a molecular networking. When viewing the View by Cluster with IDs view, users can click the \+Challenge link.

!Screenshot 2014-11-20 17.57.11.png|border=1!

Users will be taken to another link where they can choose an exact raw spectrum to be added to the challenge spectra by clicking the "+Challenge" link to prepopulate a form. Users can then fill out the appropriate metadata.

!Screenshot 2014-11-20 17.58.24.png|border=1!

h2. Annotating Browsing Challenge Spectra

To browse challenge spectra, users can begin on the GNPS splash page ( and click on the browse challenge spectra link:

This page is very similar to the browse libraries page, where each row represents individual challenge spectra:

!Screenshot 2014-11-20 18.03.11.png|border=1!

h3. Annotating Challenge Spectra

Users are able to re-annotate and promote the challenge spectra be identified as a bronze spectrum by clicking the annotate and promote to bronze button.