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h2. Dataset Identifications

Specific searches pertinent to each dataset can be found on the datasets page [here |\{"title_input":"GNPS"}]. Users can choose the appropriate dataset they are interested in and upon clicking, for example find themselves [here |]. There is a table below for continuous identification jobs. Users can click on the most recent to find the most up to date identifications for each dataset.

h2. Molecular Explorer

Users can take an alternative approach from the dataset centric view outlined above. Perhaps users are interested in finding what datasets and ultimately organisms that a molecule appears in. [This |] view allows users to sort by compound and find exactly which datasets that compound appears in. By clicking the dataset number on the right most column, users will be taken to that particular dataset with the specific compound identifications filtered. If users click on Analogs link, they will be taken to the putative unidentified analogs of that particular compound within the specific dataset.