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Analyzing Data

Q: Can I select more than one file at a time for each group in molecular networking?

A: Yes. Within each group you can select multiple files, even folders of spectra. Simply highlight the multiple files/folders you want to select and then add to the appropriate group.

Data Privacy Concerns

Q: Will data uploaded to my user space using this page be publicly available?

A: No it will not be available publicly. Only you as a logged in user can see them unless, they are explicitly shared with other users.

Q: Will MassIVE datasets that I create be public by default?

A: No, when creating a MassIVE dataset, it is not public by default. On the input form page, you are able to set a password to access the MassIVE dataset. There is a Make Public link to make your dataset open to the public and documentation can be found here here. Such a feature is very useful because users can create a MassIVE dataset prior to publication submission that is private and password protected. The MassIVE dataset link can be provided to reviewers along with the password so to provide better transparency and increase probability of manuscript acceptance.

Data organization

Q: How does the MassIVE data differ from the GNPS spectral libraries?

A: MassIVE datasets consist of RAW data. GNPS spectral libraries consist of spectra that have been individually assigned an identification.

Q: Can I create my own private spectral libraries?

A: Yes users are able to create their own private spectral libraries. However, long term this practice is discouraged, but if users choose to do this prior to publication, then it is acceptable. Once users have published their data, they are high encouraged to submit the library to to be added to the public GNPS library. Users who are abusive will have their accounts deactivated. The process involves creating a destination MGF file in your own private directory and selecting this MGF as the target of the library additions.

Q: Can I share only a subset of my data with others?

A: Yes you can. Everyone will have a public_data folder in their private user space. Files in this folder are shared with everyone in GNPS. Users can simply import the public_data user into their workspace and in that folder are all the users who have files in those folders.

Spectral Library Access

Q: How do I get access to the public spectral libraries?

A: On the select input files popup, click on the shared files tab, and enter speclibs as an import share.

Cross Platform Compatibility

Q: What browsers do you support?

A: We only support the latest Firefox and Google Chrome browsers on Windows, OS X, and Linux. Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera are not currently supported. Mobile platforms are also not supported.